“Energoremont – Bobov dol” owns the largest plant on the Balkans for producing of metal structures; its renovation with the most modern machines is funded under OP “Competitiveness”. Its capacity is 300-350 tons per month. Except metal structures, the plant also produces stainless steel products, railings, stairs and other structures. It has machine for piercing the sheet material and profiles, 5 pieces of MIG-MAG welding machines, cutting machine with CNC control, shot blasting chamber, line for welding of composite sections and marking machine. The machine for welding of composite sections may weld details with dimensions 200 – 2000 mm, flange width of 150 – 1000 mm, flange thickness up to 120 mm and minimum length of welding 13 m. The piercing machine with CNC control may pierce profiles and slabs with diameter of the holes 8 – 40 mm, diameter of piercing with carbide 13 – 31 mm with possibility for centring. Welding machines with water cooled torch and wire feeders with feeding speed of 1 – 20 m/min. The plant has a special room for sand blasting equipped with modern aspiration system.

The highly qualified and experiences experts work at safe workplaces equipped with local purification systems.