Клиент:Eнергоремонт холдинг АД

Client: Energoremont Holding JSC

  • Production and installation of new metal structures for Pump building 2;
  • Production and installation of gas ducts and supports for them;
  • Installation of smoke fans and oil station;
  • Dismantling of gas ducts between the electric filter and smoke fans;
  • Delivery and installation of insulation of the gas ducts;
  • Installation of basalt tubes;
  • Construction of internal concrete slabs, delivery and installation of facade and roof panels, doors and windows and tin accessories and fasteners for Pump building 2;
  • Delivery and installation of earthing system for sections 2 and 3;
  • Production and installation of stairs and platforms for one or three silos and installation of Silo 3 of the Mill building, Section 3 of the Desulphurization system of Units 5 and 6 and other types of activities.